Council on Housing

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Each County is required to have a governing body that provides expertise and direction on the 5-year homeless plan, education, advocacy on homeless issues within the County and allocation of homeless housing funds. A version of this governing body, the Council on Homelessness, had been in existence since the early 90’s, but was not formalized until 2005 with the passage of House Bill 2163 and the associated RCW 36.22.179. This legislation also created the Homeless Housing Fund, which is administered through a contract with the Department of Commerce and Housing and Urban Development.

A formal community forum was held May 10, 2018, to discuss what changes needed to occur to the Council on Homelessness in order to make it a stronger, more inclusive governing body. Community services providers and individuals in Walla Walla County communities made recommendations on how to increase transparency, the ability to achieve the goal of ending homelessness, and to better serve the region. This community feedback also indicated that the existing Council on Homelessness be retired, and a new governing body be created in its place – the Walla Walla County Council on Housing.

The By-Laws for the newly formed Walla Walla County Council on Housing were adopted by the Walla Walla County Commissioners on November 5, 2018. The Council’s organizational structure was created with extensive input from service providers and community members. Links to both the adopted By-Laws and Organizational Chart are included below.

Walla Walla Council on Housing Bylaws
Organizational Chart
Walla Walla County 5-Year Homeless Housing Plan 2015-2020
COH Community Impact Fund Application
A Way Home Washington Anchor Initiative

For more information about the Council on Housing, please contact Samantha Jackle at 509-524-2666 or

Council on Housing Meetings

10/24/19 October 2019 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
09/26/19 September 2019 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
06/27/19 June 2019 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
06/14/19 Council on Housing Community Summit Agenda      
05/23/19 May 2019 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
03/28/19 March 2019 Meeting Agenda      
02/28/19 February Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
01/29/19 January Meeting Agenda       Minutes