Accessible Voting

  Accessible Voting

The ExpressVote, an accessible voting unit, is available for use by all voters; however, it is specifically designed to assist voters with disabilities and other special needs in marking their mail-in ballot privately and independently:

• The ExpressVote can display larger type or can provide an audio ballot for persons with visual or cognitive disabilities.
• Voters can cast their ballot by using the touch screen or tactile button options to mark their ballot.
• The ExpressVote also supports a limited number of assistive switches.

The ExpressVote will be available for use starting 18 days before each election; at the following location: 

Elections Office - 315 W. Main St., Room 203, Walla Walla
Open 9a.m. - 4p.m. , Monday - Friday,
and on Election day from 8am - 8pm.

Ballots are mailed out 18 days prior to each election. 

This machine marks the ballot; however, it does not tally votes.  Voted ballots must be placed in the declaration envelope, the voter must sign the declaration and drop the ballot into the official ballot drop box.  A drop box is located inside the Election Center.