Applications and Handouts

All land use applications should be submitted via email to  If you have questions about submittal, please call us at 509-524-2610.

Current Planning/Land Use Application fees incl. Tech fees

Accessory Dwelling Unit  (ADU)

Appeal of Decision (APP)

Binding Site Plan  (BSP)

Boundary Line Adjustment  (BLA)

Comprehensive Plan Amendment  (CPA)

Conditional Use Permit (CUP)

Critical Areas  (CAP)

Development of Illegally Divided Land

Development Regulations Amendments (ZCA)

Final Plat and Alterations (SUB)

Home Occupations

Large Lot Subdivisions  (SUB)

Legal Lot Determination  (LLD)

Medical Hardship

Planned Unit Development  (PUD)

Preliminary Subdivision (i.e. Preliminary Plat) and Amendments

Rezone (i.e. zoning map amendment)

SEPA Environmental Checklist

Shoreline Permits

Short Subdivisions (e.g. short plats)

Site Development Permit  (SDP)

Variance  (VAR)

Winery/Brewery Permit  (WP)