Building Introduction

Building staff members offer assistance regarding new construction, alterations, additions, relocating structures, change of use, as well as, grading permits and placement of modular buildings or manufactured homes.

Different building projects have different requirements (for instance, a permit to build a single-family home requires far
more extensive plans, fees, and inspections than a permit to re-roof a single-family home). The County has informational pamphlets detailing the requirements for virtually every kind of building project. The best way for you to answer this question is to review the "
a few pointers for successfully submitting a building permit" for the particular project you have in mind or review our FAQ's
. If that doesn't do it, call or ask for a member of our Building staff.

Submitting a Permit
Generally, upon submittal of a permit your application will undergo a preliminary review or screening process. During this stage you may be referred to other staff members to determine if your project will require any Planning approvals. If so, you may be required to file a separate planning application and pay additional fees. Depending upon the nature of the permit, applications require four main components; a complete application with signatures of all property owners or project representatives, a site plan, floor plan, and elevation drawings. If these are not in accordance to WSEC, 2018 IBC, 
WWCC 14.07.050 or WWCC Title 15 you will be required to resubmit. 

Once the criteria for a complete application has been reviewed the application will be converted into a Building Permit and an application fee of ($200) will be required. When completed, the submitted permit will be "routed" to other county departments; Public Works, Addressing, Health Department, etc. and any appropriate outside agencies.  The time it may take to review a permit depends on the type of permit you are applying for and your property's location.  Once all departments have reviewed and approved the project proposal, a permit will be issued, and inspections will need to be completed.  Please see the below hyperlinks and FAQ's page for more details.

  • Currently, you can submit the following types of applications online: siding/windows, reroof, plumbing/mechanical, residential burn permit renewal. See the eTRAKiT informational page.
  • All other applications may be submitted outside of office hours via our front door drop-box and email (

Building Permit Applications and Handouts
2018 Washington State Energy Code (WSEC) Submittal Requirements


Inspectors ensure that structures are built according to approved plans and properly located on a parcel. Approved plans &  inspection checklist MUST be on the job site prior to & during any work being done.

  • Inspection requests: via eTRAKiT until 5:45 am the day of the requested inspection OR  by phone 524-2611 by 3:30 pm M-F for a next business day inspection.
  • For Cancellations: 509-524-2610

Building Permit Activity
Home Builder's Association (HBA) Monthly Reports

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