Burbank UGA Residential Density Review

The Board of County Commissioners enacted interim zoning regulations which limit the density of any new residential development in the Burbank Residential zoning district to no more than 4 dwelling units per acre (assuming availability of water and sewer utility services).  The purpose of renewing the interim ordinance is to allow the County additional time to study the Burbank Subarea Plan (Chapter 12 of the County’s Comprehensive Plan), including the Burbank Urban Growth Area and consider preparing potential development regulations related to density, zoning, lot size and mobile and manufactured home parks.

Policy issues, such as whether the County should have additional standards for manufactured home parks, what type of maximum density should be allowed in the Burbank Residential Zone, what lot sizes should be allowed in the zone and whether additional zoning classifications are needed in the Burbank Urban Growth Area, will be addressed through a deliberative planning process with the Planning Commission, and through public workshops and hearings.  This process has begun, but there is additional work that needs to be done and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused some delays.

This website was established in the Fall of 2020 to provide information on this amendment project.  Meeting information, draft amendments, public comments, and other documents will be published here throughout the amendment process.

Questions and comments may be directed to the Community Development Department at commdev@co.walla-walla.wa.us

Documents (miscellaneous)

Board of County Commissioners Public Hearing 5/17/2021 10:30 AM

Planning Commission Public Hearing 5/5/2021 5:30 PM

Public Information Meeting 04/27/2021

Planning Commission Workshop - 2/3/2021

Planning Commission Workshop - 10/14/2020

Interim Regulations (Ordinances)

Written Public Comments