Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations Amendments

Comprehensive Plan
The Walla Walla County Comprehensive Plan is an official document adopted by the Board of County Commissioners as a guide to making decisions about the future development of Walla Walla County. The Comprehensive Plan is a legal document with goals and policies and a series of maps, tables, figures, and appendices. It strives to balance the community’s financial ability to support growth with its projected increase in population and employment and the need for environmental protection. As part of these efforts to manage growth, the Comprehensive Plan establishes broad land use designations (Map LU-1, Page 279, in the document below) for all unincorporated areas of the county.
Walla Walla County Comprehensive Plan - Adopted August 5, 2019

2023 Annual Amendment Cycle
Applications for amendments to the County's development regulations, zoning map, and Comprehensive Plan are considered annually. The annual amendment process is designed to solicit from the public and outside agencies suggested amendments to the Walla Walla County Comprehensive Plan and development regulations for future consideration. Please contact us if you have questions regarding the amendment process.  Applications must be submitted annually between January 1 and March 31.

2021 Final Docket Review
Two non-County 2021 applications were moved on for Final Docket review by the Board of County Commissioners.  One application, a proposal by Martin Airport LLC. to establish  an Airport Overlay District around Martin Airport is on hold pending resubmittals by applicant (CPA21-001).  
The other 2021 Final Docket application is a zoning code text amendment proposal by Yellowhawk Resort WW, LLC. to make 'Winery, Type 3' a conditional use in the Rural Residential 5-acre zoning district (ZCA21-001).  More information on this proposal,  which is currently undergoing Final Docket review, is available here.

2022 Preliminary Docket Review
One non-County application was submitted for Preliminary Docket review, it is a site-specific rezone and Comprehensive Plan land use map amendment of 10 acres generally located at 3296 Hanson Loop Road. 

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