Hearing Examiner

Walla Walla County has authorized the Hearing Examiner to conduct hearings on land use permit applications and appeals of certain administrative decisions.  The Hearing Examiner system assures fairness and due process protection for all persons involved in the land use hearing process. It is the Hearing Examiner's responsibility to render land use decisions in an efficient manner. Hearings held before the Hearing Examiner are quasi-judicial proceedings.  More information regarding the Hearing Examiner system is provided below.

Hearings are typically scheduled on the second Monday of the month. If there are no applications pending before the Hearing Examiner, no public hearing or meeting will be held.  If the Hearing Examiner or Applicants are not available on the 2nd Monday, then arrangements for hearings on alternative days may be made.
Hearing Examiner meetings are being in-person, either at the Community Development Department office or at the County Public Health & Legislative Building, but applicants and the public may participate virtually via the Cisco Webex platform. Link and instructions on how to participate will be included in agendas as well as the specific address of the in-person location. 

Meeting Link: https://wwco.webex.com/meet/CDD 
Call in #: 1-408-418-9388
Meeting #/Access Code: 969 633 053
Press *6 on to unmute your phone's microphone to speak

Please check the meeting agenda to confirm the in-person meeting location:
County Public Health and Legislative Building 2nd floor – Commissioners’ Chambers 314 West Main Street, Walla Walla, WA, 99362
Community Development Office 2nd Floor Conference Room 310 W. Poplar Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362

Quick Links
Rules of Procedure
Citizen's Guide to the Land Use Hearing Examiner Process
Guide to participating via Cisco Webex

Staff Contact:
Lauren Prentice, Director

Hearing Agendas & Materials


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