Huntsman Estates

Huntsman Estates (SUB22-007, PUD22-001, SEPA22-024) is a 507-lot subdivision proposal of approximately 121 acres to be located on Quincy Road in the Burbank Urban Growth Area (UGA). The property is zoned R-96, Suburban Residential (APN 310807510026). Through the PUD process the applicant proposes public amenities such as parks, walkways, and landscaping. The applicant has proposed minimum lot size to be reduced from 9,600 square feet via the PUD standards to 6,300 square feet. The 10-foot side setback is proposed to be reduced to 5 feet and the proposed minimum lot width 63 feet (reduced from 75 feet). The proposed density is 6 dwelling units per acre pursuant to WWCC 17.18.050(D). 
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