Courtroom Conduct

Rules & Guidelines
No Food, Beverages, Cell Phones, Beepers, or Pets 
Never bring anything to eat or drink into the courtroom. The only animals allowed in the courtroom are those which assist people who are physically challenged. You must turn off any device which could disturb court proceedings. 

No Weapons 
Never bring a gun, knife, or other weapon into the courthouse. 

No Children
If you have no choice but to bring a child / children, then bring another adult to watch the child while you are in the courtroom. The proceedings are audio-taped, and any extraneous noise can disrupt the recording. 

Be Respectful 
You must be quiet in the courtroom when observing. Never use profanity. Always be polite when speaking. Speak clearly and loudly enough for the recording to pick up what you are saying. All persons shall refrain from any gestures and from conduct or behavior which manifest disrespect for the court, counsel, litigants, witnesses, court staff, law enforcement personnel, or other persons. 

Dress Appropriately 
The following dress code shall apply when the court is in session:  

*All persons in the courtroom, except those required to be there because of arrest or court order, shall be attired in a manner appropriate to the dignity and decorum of the courtroom setting.

Please note: If you are not appropriately attired, you may have to return on another date to have your matter heard.

For More Information
If you have any questions, please contact the District Court at (509) 524-2760