Business Office

Our Business Office supports all programs and staff under DCH. Support includes: administrative support, finance, payroll and various other supportive services. Additional Resources:


To fund the programs and services we provide to the community, the DCH receives several grants and contracts which are detailed here:
Source Contract List - 2019

Much of the work we do is done directly by DCH team members, however we do sub-contract out some services and information on these sub-contracts can be found here:
Sub-Contract List – 2019

For any questions regarding contracts or our business office, please email


There are no current request for proposals (RFP) open at this time (March 8, 2019). Below is a the planned schedule for RFPs in 2019/20.
  • Homeless Housing Fund: July 2019
  • Developmental Disabilities Grant: July 2019
  • Behavioral Health Fund: July 2020