Farmers Market

Farmers Markets are a type of temporary event. If you are only selling whole fruits and vegetables these items are exempt from permitting. If you offer samples there are certain processes and produce items that require a permit.  If you are planning to offer samples, contact us so we can discuss your operation. For more information about obtaining a permit with the health department please call us at (509) 524-2650 or email us at

A Reoccurring Temporary Food Service Permit Application is needed for food events that operate at a fixed location on the same day(s) each week for an extended period of time such as a farmers' market. These permits are specific to location and cannot be transferred to a different even or location. All applications must be received at least 3 days before the first even occurrence to avoid a late fee. 

Egg Handlers/Dealers

If you are planning to sell eggs at the farmers market your Washington State Department of Agriculture permit will not cover this and you will need to obtain a temporary food service permit from the health department.

For information about obtaining an egg handler dealer license click here.

Cottage Food Operations

Certain food items like jams/jellies and baked goods may be considered a Cottage Food Operation.  These operations are permitted under the Washington State Department of Agriculture. For more information on this topic click here.