Wildfire Smoke

Walla Walla County Department of Community Health works closely with local and regional partners to protect and inform the public informed about the effects of wildfire smoke. Preparing for wildfire smoke ahead of time is the best way to prevent negative health outcomes. We will continue to update this page and our social media pages throughout wildfire season. For current air quality values in Washington State, visit Washington's Air Monitoring Network.

How to Prepare for Wildfire Smoke
  • Identify members of your family that are sensitive to smoke exposure
  • Create a clean-air room in your home using a HEPA air cleaner
  • Know how to turn AC in home and vehicle to recirculate to avoid outdoor air intake
  • Check your vehicle(s) air filter and make sure it is HEPA equiv.
  • Consider purchasing N95 masks and learn how to properly wear them (make sure it’s appropriate for your family members to use)
  • Develop and review/practice your relocation plans
  • Be proactive about medications and managing symptoms especially those with existing heart and lung disease
  • Create a plan for your family activities (alternative activities)
    • Consider indoor exercise options
    • Vacation/Summer camp alternatives identified prior to event
    • Create a medical response plan (i.e. alternate medications)

Current Air Quality
WAQA Current

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Updated 11/4/19