Work Crew

Walla Walla/Columbia County
Juvenile Work Crew
Work Crew Hours (Subject to Change):

  • Please call (509) 524-2825 or your Community Supervision Officer to confirm the work crew schedule.
Work Crew Rules:

  • You MUST come dressed appropriately for work crew. Sandals (or other open toed shoes), shorts, and tank tops ARE NOT allowed. Work boots and/or rain gear is provided upon request.
  • NO tobacco, alcohol or drugs of any kind.
  • You MUST follow all safety rules and Work Crew Supervisor directions. This includes wearing your seat belt while the crew truck is in motion.
  • Cell phones and other electronic devices ARE NOT to be used during work crew.
  • You MUST act in a professional manner while on work crew. NO cursing in public, causing a disturbance or yelling out of the crew truck to your friends.
  • REPORT any problems or concerns to the Work Crew Supervisor as soon as possible.
  • REPORT any injuries or illnesses to the Work Crew Supervisor immediately.
  • DO NOT pick up any of the following:
    • Firearms or other weapons of any kind.
    • Explosive devices, including fireworks.
    • Injured, dead or lost animals.
    • Medical waste of any kind. This includes needles, diapers, and anything with blood on it.
    • If your find any of these items, REPORT THEM to the Work Crew Supervisor immediately.